Everyone at Hype is senior talent. The people you meet at the very beginning are the same people who do the work all the way through. No juniors need apply. Our team has been working together for years. We feel very lucky. We think of ourselves as a garage band that made it. One of the reasons Hype is so successful is because everyone shares the same values.

Passion It's a prerequisite, an inborn trait. You either have it or you don't. We have it.

Integrity We do what we say we're going to do. You have our word on it.

Dedication We approach your business as if it were our own. We jump through hoops, leap tall buildings, whatever it takes.

Communication We listen to you very carefully. We think about what's right for you. We discuss the possibilities with you. We reach an agreement. Then we create exactly what you need.

Steven Saraceno
Steven has over 20 years of interactive multimedia development experience, including design, production, programming and project management. Along with founding Hype, he co-founded Purple Monkey Studios in 1994, an interactive communication company based in Oak Park, Illinois. His clients included Harpo Studios, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Discovery Channel, McGraw Hill, Scott Foresman and hundreds of others. In 2007, the company was sold. Steven holds an MBA in Marketing and Doctorate courses in Industrial Organizational Psychology.
Dan Stein
  Creative Director
Dan directs Hype's array of services and the firm's multi-disciplinary creative team. Under his direction, Hype has become known for outstanding imaginative and strategic design. His award-winning career spans more than 16 years in Chicago, Dallas and Denver. His experience includes business-to-business, marketing communications, direct mail and direct response, advertising, packaging, collateral, interactive CD-ROMs and Web sites.
Brian Jacobs
  Technology Director
Brian has over 12 years of interactive multimedia development experience. He has technical expertise in environments such as PHP and .NET, databases, and content management systems. His emphasis on careful planning and thorough execution is what makes the difference in the development of your project.
Amy Love
  Financial Officer
Amy keeps Hype's vendors happy and makes sure the creative team stays on budget. She's not your ordinary bean counter. Amy has an in-depth background in marketing communications, so she really understands Hype's business.