First impressions. An applicants’ initial visit to a college campus is usually now virtual. And whether it is the prospective student or the parent viewing your site, it must convey a compelling story that resonates with them immediately, or they will move on. For over 20 years we have worked with dozens of institutions from four‑year nationally ranked universities, local community colleges to grad schools targeting working adults.


Being “different” as an institution doesn’t cut it anymore. Students are looking for more, a persuasive argument that strikes an emotional connection, a place where they belong. We’ve learned that it is critical to your strategy to clearly define realistic, obtainable goals, along with your internal team resources and an actionable plan that all stakeholders sign‑off on.


Teamwork. We know it takes both sides of the table to successfully execute a project. Asking the right questions, defining roles upfront, clearly communicating and setting up attainable benchmarks are key elements to achieving success. And the best part, the outcome is measurable, be it increasing applicants, strengthening alumni involvement, or increasing donations.