We’ve provided integral marketing communications and e‑learning for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare companies as well as medical associations since 1994. We create websites, print, brand identity, custom eLearning platforms for continuing education of doctors and nurses, as well as educational programs for patients. Understanding the importance of accurate, well‑vetted content that can be complex in nature, but understandable to it’s intended audience, is key to success. We’re patient. We know that content in the healthcare industry goes through many levels of iterations and approvals, having worked with advisory councils, content experts and legal.

We were at the forefront of merging healthcare educational content with technology. We learned early on (and validated by analytical results) that patients turn to the web to better understand their prognosis, treatment and medications. They want to see what others experienced, find success stories, and form a sense of virtual community. It’s gratifying to hear patient stories on how they made lifestyle changes to combat their diagnosed disease from information they found. We know that when you make a compelling, emotional, personal connection with your audience, be it patient or other healthcare professional, you have a better chance of engaging them and earning their trust.