UX is at the core of our business. We believe that successful strategies are rooted in quickly adapting to changing user expectations. We focus our efforts on gaining a deep understanding of the user journey, delivering meaningful content, maintaining their interest, and sparking exploration that leads to a better user experience. We’ve helped build intuitive user experiences for decades and understand every project is unique, with distinct business goals and opportunities. Our approach is to completely understand and outperform each project’s distinct requirements, ensuring unparalleled user experiences.

Unlock the true potential of your data
  1. Business Goals
    • Objectives
    • Target audience
    • Strategy
    • Aspirations
  2. Personas & Interviews
    • Research
    • Psychographics
    • Pain points
    • Preferences
  3. Information Architecture
    • Taxonomy
    • Hierarchy
    • Content strategy
    • Context
  4. Wireframes
    • Journey mapping
    • Blueprints
    • Calls to action
  5. Prototyping & Mapping
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Interactions
    • Feedback
  6. Usability Testing
    • Iteration
    • Task analysis
    • Effectiveness
    • QA
Driving results through UX, Hype Interactive’s client success stories transform business

563% online sales increase within the first year of redesigning the website

We rebranded the company as “Heggerty”, named for the man who created their flagship phonemic awareness curriculum after our research said their target audience overwhelmingly used his name while searching online.

We created audience-specific content and navigation that drove visitor conversions, followed by a custom checkout and fulfillment process built with BigCommerce.

Successful UX key driver in acquisition of Tripp Lite by Eaton

As Tripp Lite manufactures over 5,000 products, we continually leverage insight from visitor behavior to determine the most important features and flows within the UI that make finding their products easy. Online product advisors, project lists, and one-click-comparison widgets substantially refined the user experience and eliminated unnecessary customer service calls.

The success of the UX was a key driver in Eaton’s purchase of Tripp Lite for 10× revenue in 2021.